Harbor View Vaulters

Harbor View Vaulters

Girl Jumping over horse

Welcome to the exciting sport of Equestrian Vaulting!

Vaulting is defined as the art of dance and gymnastics on the back of a moving horse.

Our team is made up of both children and adults, from the very beginner to "silver" level.

Advantages of vaulting:

You DON'T have to own your own horse.  All the club members use the team horses.

You DON'T have to already be a gymnast or a dancer or a rider.  We will teach you all the things you need to know to be able to vault well.

You WILL improve your riding seat and coordination and strength.

If you decide to vault competitively, you WILL make lots of new friends and travel to different places.

If you decide to vault recreationally, you WILL make lots of new friends and boost you own self confidence.

See the American Vaulting Association website for more great pictures and articles on vaulting.