Equine Assistants

two horses

Cappy (Background)

Cappy is a eight year old Canadian Warmblood owned by Lori Robison.  He is very forgiving and gentle.  He is in training to be a vaulting horse and also a three-day eventer.  He is a tall, leggy horse, and seems to still be growing....

Joey (foreground)

Joey is an eleven (+/-) year old Belgian owned by Julie Robison.  He is truly is a “gentle giant” weighing in at 1850 pounds and just over 18hh.  He has been our main vaulting horse for two and a half years now.






small white horse

Maximo Magnifico de Verde (Max)

Having the longest name, Max is the smallest horse on the farm.  He also is the oldest at an impressive 29.  He still has lots of spirit and only the chosen few (his choice) can come close to him.  He is beautiful to watch.  Being a Paso Fino, he glides over the ground with grace. He is owned by Elise Rowe and has been her horse for the last 25 years!



brown horse


Jujubee is an eleven old Amercan Bashkir Curly, albeit a straight haired one.  He has been owned by Cassie Draper since he was a yearling and loves to jump, and is doing well at his dressage training. Jujubee is a favorite among our lesson students- he is very patient and very good at telling the truth- he does exactly what is asked by our intermediate riders, even if it isn't what they were expecting! A very funny horse, Jujubee is smart and a natural tease and escape artist.






Large white horse with hay hanging out of her mouth


Bella is an eighteen (+/-) year old Percheron owned by Kathy Seelye.  She is as sweet tempered as any horse can be and has great listening ears.  She has been used over the last two years as a walk/trot horse for our vaulters and loves to be around the children. Her lesson students love her calm and inflappable character- she is truly one of a kind.  Her claim to fame is that in her younger days she used to pull a stagecoach in parades!


Tux is a seven year old American Bashkir Curly. We are free leasing him from a good family friend for use as a lesson and therapy horse, and he loves it! He is a good sport when we use him for our newest beginner riders, and very forgiving, but has up and go for a more intermediate rider as well! He is very smart and loves his job here, and has begun to gather his own little fan club.